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How to choose your ski jacket ?

Having a good ski jacket is important You have chosen the ski resort that will host your next vacation, pre-booked your packages and are ready to hit the snowy slopes ! Yet, a little question still buggers you : which ski jacket will you wear this winter? This question is more than legitimate, your ski jacket is just as important as your skis, if ...


Which ski to choose for carving ?

"Do you know how to carve? "Regularly asked by the salesmen when someone wishes to buy or to rent his skis, this question can surprise the skier little with the technical terms of this sport. What is carving? Is it only for snowboard specialists ? What is carving ? The so-called carving technique appeared with parabolic skis about fifteen years a...


How to choose your ski sizes

Skiing is a complete activity The practice of skiing mobilizes all parts of the body, it is a complete sport. It's a cardiovascular exercise that brings the body to absorb better oxygen and, in cold weather, the body having to make more effort to maintain its homeostasis, it will burn more calories and so the skier can lose weight if he monitors a...