Ski and Ski


Rent your skis during your winter sports holidays

In the plains and in the cities we sometimes tend to feel a little depressed when the sky is low and sad. In the mountains, even when the weather is not really sunny, the light is quite different. There are also all the fun aspects of the practice of winter sports that put the spirits back to the spring.

How to organize your skiing holiday

The best way to enjoy your ski holiday and to optimize the time spent on leisure activities, is to plan ahead to organize everything from transport, stay and especially the necessary equipment. It is indeed very unpleasant to make long queues in the ski resort on arrival, often after a long drive, to choose and rent the gliding equipment. It's even more complicated when you're a family group or friends. By the time everyone takes the information from the professionals, whether he chooses his activities according to his sports level or simply according to his desires, a lot of time that could be devoted to having fun is wasted.

Book your equipment

To avoid all these inconveniences, the best is to contact an online ski rental. Quietly at home, at a time when we have all the time, you can browse the descriptions of all materials, you can select them according to the activities you intend to practice, you will also find a complete documentation on what exists and what's new. It will be sufficient to inform the measurements of each participant with the sports he has selected to be offered suitable equipment, reserved in advance, it will be very easy to withdraw upon arrival to immediately enjoy the slopes and the mountain . By reserving well on the internet, you also have plenty of time to study the various proposals and promotions that you are likely to spend in the rush of a rental directly on site at the crowdy ski rental shop.

The good equipment for the good person

The size of a ski is chosen according to the size of the skier and the ski program. As a general rule, for a freeride ski, one will choose a skiskin of its size. For all-mountain and freestyle skis, a ski 10 to 15 cm shorter than its size is ideal. For all-mountain ski or multi-purpose ski, as the name implies, the versatile ski is an all-terrain ski that can be used in all types of snow, be it tamped, bumpy, broken or powdery, and therefore alternate descents on track and off-piste passages. The first criterion for choosing the size of your skis is your level. Indeed, the shorter the skis, the easier they are. This is why beginners can choose skis 10 to 15 cm shorter than their size. Heavy skiers can move towards larger skis.Skiers with a higher level will prefer longer skis for more lift and stability. These very different technical characteristics are one of the reasons why you put all the chances on your side when you reserve your equipment in advance by being able to ask all the necessary questions to the ski rental professional.